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What are the Benefits of green tea.

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Green tea has great health benefits.

Since ancient times the people of China , japan and eastern nations are drinking green tea and benefitting from it.Its been reflected in the findings of various researches around the world that green tea has some of the most important properties and qualities which can help the body of human beings fight certain diseases as well as delaying the process of ageing.

The beneficial antioxidant and polyphenols in green tea helps fight dangeroous diseases and delaying ageing by killing the free radicals in the body.the free radicals are produced during the regular wear and tear of the human body.this free radicals continously damages the cells inside the human body.

The major health benefits of green tea are as under:

Green tea contains Catechins.

The most important thing that a green tea contains is catechins.Well , you may be wondering what is catechins.Catechins are natural antioxidants which is present in green tea and gives it the power to fight free radicals in human body .The free radicals are the real villians inside human body damaging the cells and resposible for various disease like .The anti oxidants catechins fights and reduces the free radicals.

The second most important healthy compound called polyphenol found in green tea is very effective in reducing inflamation and fighting cancer.weight loss training

Green tea may help in reducing weight and maintaining good health

Altough it is not 100% proved that green tea certainly reduces weight of a overweight person,its certainly true that taking green tea regularly will help a person drop a few pounds. Its because of the effect of the compound called EGCG in green tea.

green tea certainly seems to be playing some part in burning excess fat inside a person as some study suggests.

Green Tea may help prevent various deadly diseases like Cancer,heart diseases etc.


Various research has been conducted around the world and its been proved that the anti oxidant element present in green tea helps in the prevention of cancers types like esophageal, prostrate,ovarian and breast cancer.

In the researches it has been found that the element polyphenol significantly decrease the growth of malignant tumar and protects from UVB radiation from sun.

Green tea may keep your brain young and energetic.

Taking green tea regularly significantly reduces the risk of diseases like alzheimer and parkinsons.

researches on mice has shown very positive results in brain cells .Green tea helps slowing down the process of brain cells deaths and significantly helps in restoring damaged brain cells.

Green tea may prevent tooth decay

Green tea can help in keeping the teeth healthy and preventing bad breath.

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