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Green tea myths and facts in 2020

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The popularity of green tea as a healthy beverage is increasing day by day.Withs increasing popularity sometimes even its claim as a healthy beverage is exaggerated.

No doubt green tea is a great drink and its consumption brings lots of positive health effects on human beings, but the authenticity of some of the popular claims about the health benefits of green tea is lacking.

So we must research before blindly believing any claim of green tea benefits and understand the difference between a myth and a reality of green tea claims.

Green tea help loose weight.

One of the most popular belief of a green tea consumer is that green tea consumption helps burn fat of a person and makes him slim.

There no proven research that green tea reduces weight of a person.

Actually by taking green tea people avoid taking carbonated drinks containing more sugar having more calorie,resulting in natural decrease of fat inside the body.It is also true that the caffeine in green tea is a real boost to human metabolish.

Green tea can cure cancer and heart disease.

It is a general belief that consuming green tea regularly helps in certain types of cancer .But all these beliefs are not fully corroborated with medical research and evidences.

There has been many researches in US and around the world proving the positive effects of green tea in prevention as well as fighting deady cancer.But the researches always were not conclusive and final.

Therefore to think green tea completely cures cancer is not true ,altough drinking green tea may help in reducing the risk of cancer in the future.

Green tea is anti ageing.

It is one of the most important notion people have reagrding green tea.People believe that drinking green tea regularly will help them live longer .

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