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Different types of green tea.

fresh green tea leaves
Fresh green tea leaves plucked and ready for processing

Almost everyone is convinced today that Green tea has great health benefits.

But when it comes to its understanding,common people have limited knowledeg about green tea types ,quality or its origin.

I have been in the tea business for the last 20 years and have been researching and tasting green tea along with black tea .

So now I can very easily distinguish between a black and green tea not only on the basis of its appearance but also on the basis of its processing.

Actually all tea coming from the variety of plant called camellia sinesis are basically same at the start of its processing.

Its because they are the same green fresh leaves when plucked in the garden by a gardener.

It becomes black of green tea only after it reaches a particular processing centre or factory and processed.

The kind of processing determines its type and green or black tea.

So when green tea fresh leaves are sent to a green tea factory it is processed in the way green tea is processed and the end product becomes green tea.

And similarly when green tea leaves are plucked and sent to a black tea factory ,it is processed in the way black tea is processed and the end product is black tea.

Now one must know how black and green tea are processed in a tea factory

Green tea is very little processed.

In some types of green tea no machinery is used and fresh green tea leaves are rolled by naked hands for making green tea,which helps it retain its natural inherit qualities.

These green tea helps people stay healthy and live longer.

On the other hand Black tea is too much processed.

The major process of fermentation involved in black tea processing completely transforms the fresh tea leaves into black tea .

This process of fermentation takes away most of the good natural green tea leaves inherent healthy qualities.

Now since we have understood what is green tea and black tea as well as how it is processed ,the next thing to understand will be the types of green tea processed and manufactured in different parts of the world.

There are different types of green tea which are cultivated in the world.

Countries like Japan , China, malaysia, India, vietnam, iran produces green tea .

The kind of green tea which is produced in different countries are different bacause of the difference in the method employed in its manufacturing.

For example in China green tea is mostly manufactured by pan frying freshly picked up green tea leaves whereas in Japan the main process of green tea making is steaming the green tea leaves .

There are several types of green tea in the world ,But we can mention here some of the most popular types of green tea ,which is highly appreciated for its taste and health benefits.

1)Matcha green tea.

matcha green tea is the perhaps the most popular green tea in japan.

It is also becoming increasingly popular throughout the world every passing day.

Matcha green tea is powdered green tea. generally when we think greeen tea what comes in our mind is green tea leaves similar to black orthodox wholeleaf or broken tea grades ,but in respect of Matcha its different because its not solid leaf but powedered green tea leaf.

Matcha green tea leaves are plucked from green tea bushes grown under shade containing high chlorophyll.

High chlorophyll content results in highly nutrient contents in tea leaves.

These tea leaves are picked by hand ,processed stems veins are removed and powdered by using granite stones.

The powdered Matcha green tea is not brewed like other green tea ,but is whisked with hot water .

So when people drink it they consume the whole tea leaves with the brew unlike other green tea where the tea is brewed and only its infusion and not the whole tea is consumed.

By consuming Matcha green tea this way the japanese people assume they are consuming all the best nutrients which is in green tea without leaving a chance to miss any ,as they are consuming the whole tea along with the brew.


Sencha is the most common green tea originated in japan.

It is processed commonly by steaming and rolling.The best sencha green tea is produced in first flush and second flush.

It is in the form of wholeleaf orthodox green tea ,needle shaped because of its steaming and rolling process.


Gyokuro green tea of japan is similar to sencha green tea .The only difference is that gyokuro tea bushes are hidden from sunlight for 3 to 4 weeks prior of its harvesting.

This process makes the process of photosynthesis slow resulting in more accumulated amino acid in the gyokuro tea leaves,giving it full taste and strong flavour.

Longing green tea (West lake dragon well tea)

Among the chinese green tea the most common and famous is the west lake dragon well tea.

The purest longing green tea is harvested in the west lake dragon well area of Hangzhou,Zhejiang.

It is pan fried green tea and not steamed like the japanese do.

Jasmine green tea

As the name suggests ,Jasmine green tea is a kind of green tea produced with the combination of natural jasmine flowers with green tea.

It is produced in the fujian region of China.

During the spring best quality green tea leaves are picked ,pan fried to stop oxidation and hand rolled and kept until it is mixed with pure natural jasmine flowers in next couple of months in july.

The combination of green tea with jasmine flowers really produces a exceptional flavour and taste.

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